Courses Offered

Telephone & Reception Skills

girl on phoneAre you Killing your clients with your calls?

Telephone & Reception Skills

This course focuses on all the skills necessary to project an efficient and professional image when speaking on the telephone. Be an excellent image to your company by learning the following :

● Clarity of speech, language, pronunciation
● Dealing with angry clients
● Listening Skills
● Developing your self image
● Telephone and reception skills and etiquette
Duration: 1 day


Dynamic Business Communication

Dynamic Business Communication

Good communication skills are a core skill for everyone
in business today – regardless of whether one is a
Director, senior manager or support staff. In our country
cross-cultural communication also needs to be understood.

Learn how to communicate in a professional business Manner, one-on-one or in meetings by:
● Develop a stong confident voice
● Create rapport with your clients
● Handle difficult meetings effectively
● Use your body to send an effective message

Duration: 1 day


Powerful Presentations

256-256-d65a09d64ac72a5087eb91f28093eb01POWERFUL PRESENTATION SKILLS                                                                                                       

No matter what position one holds in a company there will be times when you will be expected to present your information to other people. Be ready, able and effective when doing your presentations. Tailored to suit the needs of you and your company.

What you will learn:

● Creating audience interest and rapport
● Developing an effective and confident voice
● Using pace, pitch, pause powerfully and with interest
● Using effective body language, matching your words with your body
● Creating powerful Power Point visuals
● Writing presentations which are attractive, engaging and informative
● Handling nerves in the spotlight


Develop the "Real You"

man-speaking-in-megaphone-man-speaks-through-the-megaphone-man-with-a-megaphone-businessman-is-using-a-megaphone_132238784Develop the “Real You”                                                                                                                                                

Most of us suffer from low self image at various times in our life. Motivate yourself and your staff and build team harmony with this course designed to build self-esteem, examine emotions, enable staff to communicate with clients and colleagues more effectively, using care and consideration, and create a more harmonious work environment.

This course covers:

● Developing self image and confidence
● Managing one’s own, and others emotions
● Developing productive listening skills
● Balancing assertiveness and aggression
● Determining how our attitude affects our communication
● Examining body language and the way it speaks for us
● Looking at prejudice, and how this affects us in the work place


Pronounce it, don’t break it

Pronounce it, don’t break it                                                                                            

PIX Iconverse 4If somebody can’t hear or understand what you are saying, there is no communication. Knowing what to say is one thing, knowing how to say it correctly is completely different. This course is for people with English as their 2nd language, and focuses on speaking English in a correct “user-friendly” and competent manner. Sounding credible and sincere is one of the first things people in business look for.

This course covers :

● Learning the basic sounds / vowels of English
● Word stress
● Correct pronunciation of words
● Speaking audibly and coherently, in order to be understood
● Speaking in a credible, authoritative manner


Corporate Voice, Language, Speech, Presentation and Communications Training

Corporate-Voice-Training-PackageThe moment you open your mouth to speak you are being evaluated. You are what you say and judged accordingly.

Our voice expresses our personality, background, education, social status and level of confidence and authority. Our whole physical being is reflected in our voice and the way we communicate with each other. This includes our posture, movements, gestures, facial expression, tone of voice and well as the choice of vocabulary and the command we have of the language. Our manner also reflects the degree of respect and dignity we show to people.

By mastering voice and language skills, and fostering greater feelings of self-esteem and confidence, we can learn to use this knowledge more effectively when communicating with clients and colleagues.

People want to do business with people they feel they can trust, who will treat them with dignity and respect, and present a strong degree of authenticity. Empower everyone in your organisation from Board level to front-line to ground support with the ability to communicate more effectively and appropriately, thus improving and enhancing the image of the company.

You first have to sell yourself – before you begin to sell your product

Learn how to speak with a confident voice and present yourself in an effective, professional user friendly manner.

Transform your company image

Empower yourself and everyone in your organisation with the ability to communicate appropriately and efficiently with clients. From Board level to front line staff, Iconverse has a course to meet your needs. Make your your communication and presentation style a competitive advantage.

Iconverse Makes it simple

● Training is held at client’s premises or a suitable off-site venue

● Courses are in an interactive workshop format

● Workshop size ensures participation and focus

● Individual training only commences after an assessment has been done

● All training is designed to suit the individual / and or the company’s needs

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